The ChaLleNges

Game on! It’s time to dive into the competition!

Once you receive our email with the contact information of your team members on August 10, 2020, you can get going on the Starting Line challenges, designed to connect you with your team and get you set up for the rest of the game. You will have until August 21, 2020 at 11:59 PDT to complete as many of the challenges as you can.
Remember- none of the challenges are required and it’s not a race- but the more you complete the closer you are to winning the grand prize for your cause!
expedition for a cause

Starting Line

These challenges will set you up for the competition and get you connected with your team.

Flagpole Meetings

This is an opportunity for everyone in the game to connect, get silly, and get pumped for the Expedition. The Flagpole Meeting will repeat twice on Sunday, August 16 at 9am PDT and 6pm PDT. Choose whichever time works best for you.
expedition for a cause
expedition for a cause challenges


Throughout the Expedition we will be offering a series of interactive, educational and fun webinars (playshops) presented by our partner organizations that focus on a variety of worthy causes. Each webinar (playshop) will repeat twice at 9am PDT and 6pm PDT on the same day.
expedition for a cause
expedition for a cause
expedition for a cause
expedition for a cause

We recommend that you download the challenges to track your progress.

expedition for a cause

Starting Line Challenges

expedition for a cause

Join the Private Facebook Group: Expedition Nai Headquarters

This is the best place to follow everything that’s happening with the Expedition! We’ll give you the points when you register for the group. If you’re already in the group, just send us a screenshot of it! 2 points.

Intro Video

Create a 30 second intro video about yourself; send to your teammates and to us! Up to 5 points.

Common Thread

Find 5 things you and your teammates have in common. Send us a photo or screenshot of the list! Up to 5 points.

Team Name

Choose a team name! It should include a color and a reference to your cause. 2 points.

Team Cheer

Create a video with your team cheer. Post it in the Expedition Facebook group and submit to us! Up to 5 points.
expedition for a cause

Welcome to the Naiborhood

expedition for a cause

Meet us at the Flagpole

This is an opportunity for everyone in the game to connect, get silly, and get pumped for the Expedition. The Flagpole Meeting will repeat twice on Sunday, August 16 at 12pm EDT and 9pm EDT. Take a screenshot of the Flagpole meeting so the host, Molly, is visible. 10 points.
expedition for a cause challenges

Virtual Playshops

expedition for a cause challenges


There will be a total of 4 playshops during the week, each offered twice. Receive 2 points for every playshop you attend, up to 8 points. Take a screenshot of the playshop going on with the facilitator visible.
expedition for a cause

Being Extra

expedition for a cause

Jingle Bells

Create and record a catchy tune about your charity. Share it in the Expedition Facebook group and then submit the video to us. Video should be 30-60 seconds long. Up to 5 points.


Create an infomercial describing the wonderful work your organization does. Post it on social media; tag the org as well as #campnainainai and #expeditionforacause. Up to 5 points.

Throwback Dance Video

Choose a song and create a dance video with your whole team! Share it in the Expedition Facebook group and submit the post link. Up to 5 points.

Cultural Exchange Pecha Kucha

PechaKucha is a storytelling format where a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each. Have each member of your team do a PechaKucha about themselves and combine into a single slide show. Submit the slideshow! Up to 5 points.


Choose a dream team (superheros or otherwise) and have your whole team dress up as the characters. Up to 5 points.

Paint by Numbers

Have all of the players on your team draw the same picture. Let’s see the collage! Up to 5 points.

Zoom Charades

Get silly with your team and other friends with a game of Zoom Charades. Send us a video of the silliness. Up to 5 points.
expedition for a cause


expedition for a cause

Shabbat Shalom

Show us how you are celebrating Shabbat! Submit a photo! Up to 5 points.

Havdalah with Your Crew!

Gather your crew for Havdalah! Make a sign or use a virtual background to include representation of your cause in every person’s screen. Up to 5 points.

How Bout Some Torah?

Learn about this week’s parsha (Re’eh: Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17) from any source you want. Shoot a short video of yourself explaining it. Up to 5 points.

Elul/5780 Reflection

As the last month of the Hebrew calendar annual cycle, Elul (aug 20-sept 18) is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Write down one thing (that you are willing to share) that you are grateful for in the past year and one thing you are looking forward to in the next. Up to 5 points.

Mezuzah Challenge

Record yourself with your mezuzah, telling a bit about the story of where it came from (if you ordered it on Amazon that’s okay too!) and share why it is meaningful to you. If you don’t have one, take a photo of something in your house that makes your home a sacred space and talk about why it’s meaningful! Up to 5 points.
expedition for a cause

Mitzvah Magic

expedition for a cause

Lunch N Learn

Help your friends learn about your cause. How you do it is up to you: Host a book club/read an article, watch a movie or documentary, organize a lunch n learn, teach others about the issue through a program of your choice. Submit a screenshot of your event. Up to 5 points.

Like & Subscribe

Follow your charity on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LindeIn, YouTube or Pinterest). Share a screen shot! 1 point per follow. Up to 5 points.


Leave a review of your organization or one of its products on Yelp, Amazon, Google, etc. 1 point per review. Up to 5 points.

Sharing is Caring

Forward the organization’s newsletter or social media account to 5 people who might be interested in getting involved. 1 point per email. Up to 5 points.

Connect & Volunteer

Connect with the organization to find out what they currently need. Volunteer a few hours of your time and expertise for the organization, or connect them with somene who can provide the assistance they need. Up to 5 points.

Creative Fundraiser

Find a creative way to raise funds for your chairty. This could mean adding your organization to your corporate matching list, creating a Go Fund Me page, running your own matching campaign, a lemonade stand, or anything else you come up with! The sum raised is not as important as the awareness. Even $1 can create needed connections! Up to 5 points.

Out of my Window

Have each of your team members create a fun and uplifting message for their neighbors in any creative way (window sign, chalk on driveway, etc.). Submit a photo collage. Up to 5 points.

World Humanitarian Day

August 19th is World Humanitarian Day. Share a post on your social media platform of choice highlighting the work of a humanitarian you admire. Include #WorldHumanitarianDay #ExpeditionForACause Up to 5 points.
expedition for a cause

Treat Yourself

expedition for a cause

Great Expedition Baking Show

Select a recipe and have all of your team members make it (doesn’t have to be at the same time) – create a step by step tutorial of the recipe with photos from different members of your team. Up to 5 points.


Find a youtube fitness video and have your whole team follow along! Let’s see those jazz-ercise outfits! Up to 5 points.

Studio Nai

Check out the videos on Studio Nai, have a laugh, and subscirbe to the channel to see future videos! You might even see yourself on screen in the future! Share a screenshot of the subscribe button. 5 points.

Game Night

Host a virtual game night with your team! Let’s see the photo or video of the fun! Need a new game? Check out out the DIY Expedition Nai Toolkit campnainainai.org/diy/ Up to 5 points.

Take a Hike

Go on a hike (or walk around your home) and find something that makes you smile; snap a photo and share with your team. Submit all team members’ photos as an album. Up to 5 points.

Let Us Know How We Did

Complete the feedback survey for the Expedition. Thank you for helping us make more programs possible! Send a screenshot of the Thank You page at the end. 5 points.